GMD Packaging now carries a range of recyclable packaging suitable for Soft Plastic recycling as well as Kerbside recycling.

These can be found in our Recyclable Packaging category.

We stock All Clear stand up pouches which are suitable for processing through soft plastic recycling programs such as CurbyIt in Australia and Soft Plastic Recycling in New Zealand. The film materials used for these bags provide a medium barrier to oxygen and moisture.

We are also introducing a range of high barrier packaging made using new mono-material films (single type of plastic) which are suitable for both soft plastic programs as well as kerbside collections. These are currently available in Matte Black for the Stand up pouch style and Matte White for the Box Bottom Bag style. These are also available with one-way degassing valves for coffee which are recyclable as well and avoid the valves needing to be removed prior to processing.

Australia's waste processing technologies are lagging behind other parts of the globe however as we move towards the 2025 National Packaging Targets we expect this to improve and we will see more councils accepting recyclable packaging through their kerbside collection systems. The Kerbside collection systems are currently the most convenient solution and promises a more likely avenue to increased recycling for household waste.

Whilst there are several soft plastic recycling solutions currently being implemented, the Kerbside systems will take time to improve in all areas of Australia so it is important to check with your local councils for current capabilities or any pilot programs. The main obstacle is current sorting equipment has not been designed for soft plastics and machinery can become jammed. Councils such as the Willoughby City Council in NSW have enacted a Soft plastics program call 'Curby It' which is bridging the gap between Kerbside collection and current processing capabilities, see link -

Other councils within NSW are also partnering with the RecycleSmart program which aims to divert previously difficult to recycle items from land fill through a household collection service supported by a collection booking app.

For convenience we have provided links below by state to help locate your local council area and current processing capabilities. We will continue to update these details as new processing technologies are adopted.

QUEENSLAND - Local Area Maps (Electoral Commission Queensland)

NEW SOUTH WALES - Find my council (Organisation of Local Governments NSW)

RecycleSmart Program NSW (Various council areas - see below)

Camden Council

Central Coast Council

City of Canada Bay

City of Newcastle

City of Sydney

Municipality of Hunters Hill

Inner West

Lane Cove Council

Mosman Council

North Sydney Council

Penrith City Council

Randwick City Council

Sutherland Shire Council

Willoughby City Council

VICTORIA - Local Council Boundaries (Victorian Electoral Commission)


Adelaide City (limited areas) now offering the CurbyIt program

Local Council Listing (Local Government Areas SA)

Which Bin? (SA Government initiative)


TASMANIA - Find your local council (TAS Gov)

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY - Recycling and Waste Services (ACT Gov)

NORTHERN TERRITORY - Find your regional council or local authority (NT Gov)