Custom Packaging

Whilst we carry a stock range of packaging available for immediate dispatch, if your product just doesn't suit any of the available stock sizes a solution tailored to your product may be the best way to go.

Custom Sizing 

All our stock sizes are based on coffee so for other products it can be a tight squeeze or too much unfilled space remains giving a half empty look. A custom size will provide your product with the exact room it requires.

Several options are available for customised packaging and can include; printing, additional features (spouts for liquids, hanging holes for display racking or slits for display cards,) as well as specialised materials for extended shelf life or to contain volatile products such as essential oils.

Custom Printing

Labels offer versatility and economic brand identification but are tiresome and time consuming to apply by hand. 

Custom printed bags offer an eye-catching look and allow the cost and time spent applying labels to be invested elsewhere on your business. There are several options available and the best solution will depend on order volumes, number of designs, and type of film materials.

Digital Print: 

Minimum Order Quantity = 1,000pcs*

Whilst digital printing is not as economical when compared to traditional print methods, the minimum order quantities are much smaller and eliminates the need for printing plates which are an additional cost. As no printing plates are required multiple product variations of the same size are able to to be produced together - Say good bye to large label holdings for each flavour!

*MOQ for 70g Stand up pouches = 2,500pcs

Short Run Rotogravure:

Minimum Order Quantity = 5,000pcs per size / design

This is a much more economical option however printing plates are required which are an additional setup cost; each colour in your design will require its own plate.

Long Run Rotogravure:

Minimum Order Quantity = 30,000 - 50,000pcs depending on bag size

This is the most economical option and is produced using the same machinery as Short Run Rotogravure however the higher volume allows the machinery to operate more efficiently.

Printing plates are required which are an additional setup cost  and each colour in your design will require its own plate.

If you are interested in a custom packaging solution please contact us for further information and assistance -


Phone: (07) 3216 4953